Corporate Profile

Tai-I Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954 and has been in business for 60 years.

Five plants and two subsidiaries are established for our group. Three of the plants are in Taiwan, including Guanyin Plant (Electric Wire & Cable/3C Component Business Unit), Hsinchu Plant (Enameled Wire Business Unit) and Resin Plant (Insulating Varnish Business Unit). Other two plants are in China, including Tai-I Copper (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Tai-I Jiang Corp (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. The subsidiaries are Hydean Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Aquaculture Division) and Tai-I Hitech Heavy Industries Technology Co., Ltd. (Advanced Metal Division). Our product lines include high, medium and lower voltage power cables, optical fiber cable, enameled wire, rectangular wire, triple-layer insulated winding wire, electronic wire for automobiles, power cord, power cord set, tinned copper wire and PV cable. The products are primarily used for signal transfer, power transmission and energy conversion with high performance.

The products include the upstream production and manufacturing of the bare copper wire, enameled wire, electric cable, fiber cable and insulating material. These products are highly correlated to the industry. They have the advantage in vertical and horizontal integration. We have received the ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 and QC080000 Certificates for our relevant products. Through the SAP ERP system, the quality of our product and the management of our plant keep pace with the ones for the major international companies. The recently founded Hydean Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has stepped into the eco-aquaculture field and received the ISO22000 certification and HACCP Food Safety Certification. Tai-I Hitech Heavy Industries Technology is engaged in the development and application of the high-tech products regarding the composite material, antibacterial metal and high-strength stainless steel.

We have outstanding achievements in operation. According to the survey "The 2,000 Largest Public Companies" conducted by CommonWealth Magazine in 2014, our revenue range ranks the 73th among 2,000 companies and the 2nd in the metal products industry. With high market share and great customers, our business scope is larger than the companies in the same trade that are listed in the stock markets in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. We have become the leading manufacturer in the bare copper wire and enameled wire industries in China.